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Email Verifications

₹ 1,800
7.2 paise per email

Email Verifications

₹ 3,800
3.8 paise per email
250000 popular

Email Verifications

₹ 7,800
3.12 paise per email

Email Verifications

₹ 13,800
2.76 paise per email
1 Million

Email Verifications

₹ 22,800
2.28 paise per email
2 Million popular

Email Verifications

₹ 39,800
1.99 paise per email

Unused credits never expire.  No monthly subscription.  18% GST applicable

Unused credits never expire.  No monthly subscription. No set-up fee.

Simple pricing model

Pay as you go plans

Simple pay-as-you-go plans. Pay only for what you need. No monthly subscription.

Unused credits never expire

The unused verification credits do not expire. Use them whenever you need to verify emails.

Higher the plan, better the pricing

The volume discount pricing let you buy more credits in less price.

No monthly commitments

You'll never going to pay for more than you use. Pay once, use as and when required.

Free list quality analysis

Get the quality of the list immediately after list upload. List analysis do not require verification credits.

Free Credits on Signup

Get 100 free verification credits for trial on signup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed some frequently asked questions about validTo
What is a verification credit?
Verifying 1 email will use 1 verification credit
A credit is used every time an email is validated. The unused verification credits never expire. validTo offers a discounted price to purchase credits in bulk. So purchase verification credits in bulk and use them to validate emails as and when required.
validTo provide simple pay-as-you-go plans. Simply purchase what you need and verify when you need it. Verification credits will not expire, they will remain within your account until you have used them up. We offer the lowest & best rates in the industry. Higher the plan lower the price, go check out pricing now.

The following payment methods are accepted:

  • All major credit and debit cards
  • Netbanking
  • UPI
  • Wallet
  • Cheque

Make your payments safe and secure through our payment partner -

Contact us through live chat or at sales[at], if you have any questions regarding our payment methods.

No, Unused email verification credits will not expire. You can purchase verification credits in bulk and use them to validate emails as and when required.
Sure! You get 100 verifications absolutely free on sign-up to try our service. There is no credit card required for registration, so try it now.
No. There are no contracts, no hidden charges, no set-up fee. Our pricing plans are simple pay-as-you-go plans. Pay only for what you need, for as long as you use them and without expiry.
Please go to the invoices page, you will see your orders.
You can buy credits within your validTo account. Navigate to Plans & Orders, you will find pricing plans. Select the plan that fits your requirement and make payment. Your account will be updated with the credits instantly.

You can upload email lists in two ways.

  • Upload File
  • Once you have logged into validTo, go to Add List > Upload File to upload the CSV file. Currently, our system accepts CSV (comma separated value) file format. If you have any other file format, convert it to .csv file. You can use any spreadsheet program such as Google Sheets or MS Excel to convert the email data to CSV format.

    The email list must contain just one column of emails, although there could be other columns for the details associated with that email, such as name and phone number.

  • Paste Emails
  • You can upload upto 1000 emails by pasting it directly. Go to Add List > Paste Emails to paste the emails. Enter only email addresses on each line. Then click Create List.

Once the verification completed you can export your verified result. To do, select the list and click on the 'Download Result' button in the right side panel.
We guarantee 99% accuracy on valid, invalid and accept-all verification results.
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"Good quality of service. It's very quick and efficient. The results helped me to retain the reputation of the sender domain."
On Target Pvt. Ltd.,
Data Vendor
"Very happy with the service provided and at a reasonable rate. The entire process is quite easy and cleaned my list in no time. I'm pretty satisfied."
Datamatics Infomatics
Marketing Agency
"Excellent service. Achieved a very low bounce rate of 0.3% that too due to my email content and the results so far are amazing. Works great!"
Reach First
Marketing Consultant

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