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Why trust validTo

validTo helps you improve mailing lists hygiene and sender reputation
Accurate Results

Our service provides 99% accurate results in real-time. One of the highest in the industry.

Data Security

Protecting your data is our highest priority. We process the data under the rules of our privacy policy with an access control mechanism. We NEVER share it with a third-party.

Great Customer Service

Our team of experienced people are ready to assist you and we provide a help desk for all your queries. We are accessible through live chat, email and phone.

Additional Data Column

Email list with other data columns is also supported. So you can easily download the full report. No need for additional work in your CSV file.

Easily Copy-paste Emails

Simply copy-paste emails in your account and start verification. This will make cleaning your emails easier.

Customized Export

Easily customize your report based on your preferences on email verification results.

Simple Result Codes

Verification results are easy to understand. There are 4 simple result categories: Valid, Invalid, Accept-all and Unknown.

Free Quality Analysis

Instantly get to know the overall quality of your email lists. Analyze your mailing list for free.

How it works

Start your email verification quickly and securely. validTo verification process includes three steps.

Bulk email list validation

Bulk list verification process includes three steps:

  • Upload your email lists in a CSV file format. Your list can have additional columns of data. Our system will identify the email address column automatically. Your additional data columns are preserved and downloaded along with the result.
  • Our system analyses your uploaded list automatically and identifies all disposable, syntax and spam trap emails. You can verify your list at one click.
  • Once our system verifies your list, you can easily download your verification result. Customize your verification result based on our result codes.
  • Single Email Address validation

    Use our single validation form verify single email address and get accurate result immediately.

    Email validation API

    With our real-time email validation solution, easily integrate with unlimited platforms like websites and web applications.

        "result": "deliverable",
        "message": "This address can receive emails.",    
        "email": "",
        "user": "support",
        "domain": "",
        "accept_all": 2,
        "role": 1,
        "free_email": 0,
        "disposable": 0,
        "spamtrap": 0,
        "success": true

    Email Validation Checks

    Our bulk email validation service uses advanced features that clean up your list
    SMTP Verification

    We perform deep level SMTP verification on each email address and removes all emails with invalid, inactive, parked domains.

    Catch-all Check

    We detects and flags the domains that return valid for all emails. This feature helps you maintain a high quality database.


    validTo has the latest anti-greylisting technology and offers you the most accurate email verification results.

    Temporary Email Check

    Get rid of trash email addresses. We identify temporary emails so your future emails will reach the target.

    Syntax & Duplicates

    Our system detects emails addresses with invalid syntax and removes all duplicate email addresses.

    Spamtrap Removal

    Spamtrap indicators find and filter spam traps to improve hygiene of your email list. Helps you maintain your ESP account.

    The facts speak for themselves

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    Emails Verified
    Bounces Prevented
    Trusted Users

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    Trusted by more than 6000 marketing teams and companies all over the world
    "Good quality of service. It's very quick and efficient. The results helped me to retain the reputation of the sender domain."
    On Target Pvt. Ltd.,
    Data Vendor
    "Excellent service. Achieved a very low bounce rate of 0.3% that too due to my email content and the results so far are amazing. Works great!"
    Reach First
    Marketing Consultant
    "Very happy with the service provided and at a reasonable rate. The entire process is quite easy and cleaned my list in no time. I'm pretty satisfied."
    Datamatics Infomatics
    Marketing Agency

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